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The Ultimate Georgia Waterfalls Road Trip

Georgia has no shortage of stunning waterfalls and gorgeous hiking trails. There are many places in the state where you can experience the beautiful scenery and breathtaking views of Georgia waterfalls.

  • Learn about some of the scenic waterfall locations Georgia offers with hiking trails, photo opportunities, swimming, and more.

  • We have put together a guide that highlights many sites in one road trip. Fuel up at a Zelmos Zip In gas station and head out for a picturesque adventure.

Waterfalls in Georgia

Once you have your road trip essentials - gas, snacks, hiking gear, sunscreen, lightweight bags to keep things organized, clothing layers, drinking water, and other necessities, you are ready to experience the beauty of North Georgia.

Amicalola Falls

Start your fun with a stop at one of the state's top-rated waterfalls. Amicalola Falls offers the perfect hiking opportunities for the whole family. It is the tallest waterfall in Georgia at 729 feet and features more than seven falls.

DeSoto Falls

Named after the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto, this area in the Chattahoochee National Forest features a scenic campground with easy hiking access to the falls.

Helton Creek Falls

The trail to the double waterfalls of Helton Creek Falls is just a short walk, making it ideal for families with children. Savor the view and play in the pool at the bottom of the falls for a fun adventure.

Raven Cliff Falls

This location is a bit more challenging to navigate. The hike to the views is a five-mile round trip, but the 90-foot water cascade provides a beautiful scene worth the effort.

Anna Ruby Falls

This area features a simple, half-mile paved path that takes you to the base of the falls. There is a longer, 4.6-mile hike for more ambitious adventurers.

Panther Creek Falls

This seven-mile hike leads to a series of gorgeous waterfalls in the beautiful forest of Rabun County. You will reach the multi-tiered falls at 3.4 miles, where water cascades over rocks and pools along the grassy banks.

Ammons Creek Falls

Ammons Creek Falls is also in Rabun County. This waterfall displays an impressive 100-foot drop. A 1.75-mile hiking trail gives you access to Holcomb Creek Falls and Ammons Falls with a wooden viewing platform to see both these waterfall gems.

Tallulah Falls

Continue with a stop at the six waterfalls of Tallulah Falls. Hike the numerous trails and then enjoy specialty coffees and ice cream at Tallulah Station. Lake Yonah and Lake Tugalo both offer swimming, non-motorized boating, and fishing opportunities.

Toccoa Falls

This free-falling waterfall sits on the campus of Toccoa Falls College and features an easily accessible path leading to the falls.

Things to Consider

Before you head out to check some things off your summer bucket list:

  • Think about what you can reasonably do within your given timeframe.

  • Choose the locations you most want to see, then factor in driving, hiking, eating, and relaxation time to create the ultimate road trip schedule.

  • Pack your hiking essentials and come prepared.

Fuel Up at Zelmo's Zip In Stations

Be sure to stop into one of our convenience store locations before your Georgia waterfalls road trip event. Fill up your car at any of our gas stations, grab snacks, sodas, and other refreshments, put air in your tires, and get some cash at the ATM.

Zelmo's Zip In offers quality, well-lit locations for a pleasant one-stop-shopping experience for all your road trip necessities. Contact us today to find out more, ask questions, or find the site nearest to your adventure.

Featured Image: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

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