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About Us

In 1999, Whatley Convenience Stores opened its first Zelmo’s Zip In. Our first store was in Leesburg, GA, and was quickly followed by our second store in the Columbus/Phenix City area in 2000. Since then the brand has grown to include 11 stores in the Chattahoochee Valley and Southwest Georgia. 


Zelmo’s is an anchor in the communities it operates in. Our managers, employees, and vendors, are all an integral part of the neighborhoods and communities we serve. We are proud to call these areas home and plan to continue growing with and serving the communities of West Georgia and East Alabama.


You may be wondering how we got our name. Steve, one of the founders, earned the nickname “Zelmo” while playing high school basketball and carried that nickname over to the convenience store brand after college. While the name is rooted in an old basketball nickname, the dog you see in our logo was actually inspired by a much-loved rescue pup who resided for years in the main office in Cuthbert. Her fun-loving spirit lives on in our logo. Visit the Zelmo's Zip In Home Page and Contact Us if you have any other questions! 

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