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Tips For Sustainable Driving

Improved fuel efficiency is better for the environment and your wallet.

  • Each American adult spends at least $1,000 on gasoline per year

  • There are ways to improve your vehicle's gas mileage

  • Regular maintenance and modified driving habits are key

Per capita, Americans spend between $1,000 and $1,500 a year on fuel for their vehicles. It may seem like your annual fuel expenditure is beyond your control because the gasoline prices fluctuate seemingly randomly. While it is true that you have no power over the rise and fall of gas prices, there are things you can do to reduce what you spend at the pump.

How To Save Money on Gas for Your Car

The fuel efficiency of the vehicle you drive has a lot to do with what you spend on gas. However, fuel efficiency is not only something that is determined in the manufacturing process but a factor you can influence by the maintenance you perform on your vehicle.

In addition to improved gas mileage through maintenance, you can also change your driving and refueling habits to spend less on gas.

Modify Your Commute To Reduce Driving

Three-quarters of Americans, including people in Georgia, commute alone to work every day. This takes up a good chunk of your fuel budget and does harm to the environment. With a little creativity, you may be able to develop an alternative that is more cost-effective and eco-friendly. These are popular choices:

  • Bike to work

  • Create a carpool

  • Use public transportation

The specific options are available to you depends on your location, physical fitness level, etc.

Observe the Speed Limit

Observing the speed limit not only reduces your risk for a crash and keeps you out of traffic court, but it also helps you to improve your fuel efficiency. The faster you go, the more the efficiency declines, especially at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour.

With that said, if the speed limit is 75, you should not create an unnecessary hazard by trying to go 50 in the interest of fuel efficiency. However, there are still things you can do to improve gas mileage at higher speeds:

  • Use cruise control

  • Stay at or slightly below the posted speed limit

  • Drive in the slowest lane unless passing.

Make Longer, Less Frequent Errand Runs

Instead of heading into town whenever you have an errand to run, set aside a day to run all your errands at once. In the long run, this also helps to save you time.

Don’t Procrastinate Fill Ups

When you're almost out of gas, your refueling options are limited to those Georgia gas stations nearest your location. If you refuel when your tank is about three-quarters empty, you can shop around for the best price and have enough fuel to get there if it doesn't happen to be nearby.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Regular maintenance helps keep your vehicle running as well as possible. However, three particular maintenance tips have the biggest effect on fuel efficiency:

  • Check the seal of your gas cap, replacing it if necessary.

  • Use the correct fuel grade and motor oil blend

  • Maintain proper tire inflation

Choose Zelmo's Zip In for Refueling

Zelmo's Zip In offers some of the most affordable prices on the best gas for your car. While you refuel your vehicle at one of our convenient Georgia locations, you can also stock up on the supplies you need for your journey with the help of our friendly staff. Enjoy a nicer experience than you are accustomed to at a gas station when visiting our well-lit facilities. Contact us with questions or comments.

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