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American Express Cardholder Issues (10/4/22)

Over the past few days, we were alerted by customers that fraudulent activity was showing up on their American Express transactions for our Flatrock and Midland Commons locations. After conversation with our credit card processor and American Express we learned that due to a mistake from our processor many AMEX customers had not been charged for previous transactions (starting August 1, 2022) at these locations and that upon finding it they began processing these past transactions, all at once. Because it was happening all at once we have learned from several customers that AMEX was reporting the transactions as fraudulent.


We completely understand how frustrating and frightening this can be. Credit card fraud is a real and a scary situation to be in and we apologize for any frustration or fear this may have caused to our customers. We highly value security around our customers’ cards and partner with payment processors that have the highest reputation when it comes to information security. However, this time the ball was dropped.


Many of you have reached out to us via email and/or phone and we encourage anyone that has questions to please continue doing so. You can reach us at the following emails and phone numbers:


Slaton Whatley –

Ted Bridges –

706-324-4271 (Please ask for Ted or Slaton)


Again, we are so sorry for the trouble this has caused. We know you have many choices in where you fuel up each day and that a situation like this could cross us off that list of choices. We ask you to give us another chance if you will and to please call or email if you’d like to talk more about this incident.



Slaton Whatley

Vice President of Retail

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